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Corie McGowan

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"McGowan is an artist-filmmaker often combining audio-visual elements with crafted objects. Utilizing moving image as a tool to create fictional narratives from exploring the realms of an imaginary healthcare company in Silicare™ (2019) to the fetishization of commodity objects in Live 4 Ever Cosmetics (2016). McGowan often plays upon the underlying anxieties in late capitalism i.e. hypochondria, and pseudo-science. Consumer product detritus slips into the watery depths of hydrofeminsm and environmental corruption with the alienation of the body via toxins. McGowan is interested in systems of power, found within the consumerist sphere of neo-liberalism. Attempting to mock the absurdness of these power structures and their overly commodified consumer products. Seeking to ridicule online advertising content with its hyper-capitalized regimes. Excess in commodified beauty, health and wellbeing disenchantment. Creating a comical display of over-consumption, a celebration of the over-the-top; an uncanny and amusing ensemble of sumptuous, seductive, and grotesque imagery. Corie McGowan is originally from Northern Ireland and is currently based in London, United Kingdom. A graduate of the Masters in Contemporary Art Practice program at the Royal College of Art. McGowan recently has held a solo performance show at The Performance Bar - WORM (Rotterdam). Previously, works have been screened at international film festivals including the Guadalajara International Film Festival (Mexico) and Rotterdam Film Festival (The Netherlands). While also being a participant in the Cybertwee HQ (USA); a critically acclaimed virtual reality exhibition featured in the Guardian and New York Times."

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