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Graphic Designer, Actor, Dancer

London/ Liverpool

Craig Anthony Kelly

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I am Liverpool born and bred. From a place called speke whereby my parents still live in a council house. My creative journey is slightly colourful. Art was always the subject I loved the most and the best I excelled in. However I went to uni to study business as it was “sensible” but after 3 years I decide I didn’t want to do it. At the time I was dancing as a hobby and decided I wanted to try out for performing arts school. I won a scholarship so moved to london to train in musical theatre. I trained for 3 years and then went on to work for around 10 years either in the west end or across the world. During my unemployment times I have grafted and taught myself graphic design. During lockdown I’ve been able to focus on this discipline which has been different as I’ve hit imposter syndrome a lot. However I’ve managed to work with some great people, one being Sink The Pink which I am super proud of as I love how the represent the queer community which I am a part of. I find being working class hard in terms of having space to be creative. I’ve often spent most of my time in london working endless jobs to make money for bills.

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