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Danielle Metcalfe-Shaw

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Danielle Metcalfe-Shaw is an Artist from Newcastle, England. She
Graduate from Glasgow’s School of Art in; Painting and Printmaking in
2018. Since then she has exhibited in group shows around Glasgow,
Inverness, Newcastle, and London. She lives and works in Glasgow
with a studio based at Dornoch Street Studios in Glasgow’s East End.

Shaw’s work derives from memories, art history and
contemporary life. Life sized moments and the subjects which present
themselves in the works, are the driving force to her practice. The
Artist has always had a keen eye for portraiture, her current work has
found a love for large flat plane shapes of colour – Now colourful,
symbolic and compositional interior elements are the driving force of
the painted image, but the complex interweaving of figures remains a
common thread.

Today her Subjects are depicted in a realistic manner often using
figures drawn from her own personal archives. The Artists Subjects are
captured in moments of intimacy whether that maybe the privacy of
their own home, or an interior space to the closeness of
communicating with one’s friends. Danielle uses saturated and vibrant
colour, removing shadows to heighten both her their stylized and
disconnect from reality, translating the three-dimensional world into
block colour and flat lines, all the while retaining the complexity of the

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