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David Kenney

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David Kenney is an artist living and working in Teesside, on the North-East coast of England. He has a background in Architecture and Graphic Design.

David’s work explores architectural form and function, with a particular interest in structures which lack an apparent purpose.

David makes paintings, sculptures and reliefs.

David’s influences include Brutalist Architecture, Constructivism and his own experience of growing up around industrial decay.

His work creates beauty from seemingly austere structures and forms and asks the viewer to reach their own conclusions as to the purpose, place and time of the subject.

David’s sculptures and paintings take basic architectural elements and processes and place them out of context, experimenting with space and orientation.

In all of his work, David pays particular attention to texture, shadow and light to give the pieces a feeling of past use and interaction; surfaces worn by the passing of time and human intervention occupy seemingly timeless landscapes devoid of human presence.

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