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Visual artist, Sculpture, Installation, Multi disciplinary

Sheffield, UK


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In the realm of shadows and whispers, where the mundane meets the mysterious, we find ourselves peering into the gaps. Within these crevices, we unravel the undercurrents, those subtle whispers of reality that pulse beneath the surface of our existence.
Each gap is a portal to unlocking the narratives woven into the fabric of existence. In the silence between words and pauses between heartbeats, we discern the untold stories, the truths concealed by veils of deception.
As we peer into the gaps, we do not merely observe; we become alchemists of insight, distilling wisdom from the elixir of uncertainty. We invite you to join us in this quest to unravel the tapestry of existence and embrace the profound awakening of peering into the gaps of systems and power structures. In doing so, we uncover the essence of truth; in that revelation, we find the power to transcend the boundaries that limit us.

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