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Dylan Leddington

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My artworks express my reaction to the environments I have captured through photography or drawing, using the Anthropocene and other ecological issues to change how I perceive and render the landscape through the mediums of painting and drawing. I seek to produce artworks that reflect my prediction of what a future landscape may look like, whether it is our world or another. I am also a huge believer in fiction, being a force that can drive us into certain ways of thinking, not just in art but in almost every way we live our lives. My artistic process is made up of multiple elements, photography, drawing, and painting; usually taking the same imagery and transforming it through each medium. I create this artwork because it ignites the motivating force for me to act, to bring my ideas and thoughts to life on the canvas. Coming from a working-class background I have always stuck out as someone who has their head in clouds and its only gearing up to fail. However, this has never dampened the fire I have to succeed in what I love doing.

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