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Eden Gard

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Primarily my work focuses on the intersections of science, magic, religious practice, and I enjoy exploring soft sciences and how they meld with religious or cultural beliefs. currently I am working with the Jungian concept of collective unconscious and the perfect self (conjunction of the anima and animus), and how that is developing within the digital age. In particular I am researching quantum mechanics in relation to my practice and how the laws of physics on the quantum level, and the theory behind particles seemingly reacting to observation.
I enjoy using motifs of alchemy and ancient science to deconstruct and reimagine modern concepts, creating a commentary on what the mind, body and soul mean in the contemporary era. My personal experience as a transgender woman also ties deeply into the philosophical side of my work - how the mind and soul connect to the physical form, how in turn this connects to the natural world, and at what point our being becomes supernatural or divine.

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