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Moving Image Artist, Filmmaker, Home Moviemaker


Edwin Miles

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Edwin Miles is a moving image artist, filmmaker, and self-proclaimed home moviemaker from the West Midlands. Now based in South London, his work reflects on person and place, home and memory, shot primarily using Mini DV.

A lot of Edwin's work to date has to some degree, and perhaps unconsciously, explored the relationship between person and place, often using voice over as a means of exploring psychogeaography. While this place may be signified by specific landmarks – a stairwell in a block of flats in Window Works or the Four Stones on the Clent Hills in his upcoming short, Shadows in a Landscape – the use of family members, too, has become a more explicit device to draw a relationship between place and his own memories.

Edwin's geographical distance away from his parents, who live in his hometown in the West Midlands, has allowed for him to use their presence in his film work to explore the past and memory, often turning to person/place relationships to draw comparisons between his riverside hometown and his new home in London. Family, memory, home, the past are all themes prevalent in Edwin's work as he compares memories with geographical location. Most of Edwin's work to date has been self funded.

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