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Eleni Zachariou

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Eleni Zachariou is a multidisciplinary artist whose work centres speculative fiction as a tool for (re)imagining and queering political and cultural systems, with a particular interest in states of transition. Explicitly playing into the tensions implicit in the irresolvable nature of this liminality, they dance between the desire to be seen and a will to obliteration which, absent of the temptation to resolve anything, is navigated via an active refusal they term a methodology of failure (not knowing, forgetting, ignorance, stupidity). In considering more slippery methods for measuring and approximating being, anathema to the trappings of hegemony, of dominant culture, this methodology is rooted elsewhere, in the body - and so the cultural objects and practices that take focus shift frequently.

They reject all notion of objective utopia, the idea that anyone might enact the perfect world and seek instead to make space for the proliferation of multiple possibilities absent of social homogeneity, the desire to subsume difference. Centring the (queer) body, as modus operandi, they are engaged with generating such alternatives and sustaining them. Through forgetting and imagining. Unbuilding and Unlearning. Through imperfection and chaos. The main question being: how might we build a more liveable life.

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