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Multidisciplinary Artist, Filmmaker and Researcher


Elisabeth Tomlinson

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I create short narrative films, performances, installation, and moving image works that take the form of multi layered installations that use repetition, scale, time, and loops that create serendipitous parallels between fragmented narratives. I am interested in how hegemonic knowledges and ideology are played out on and imprinted within our bodies and behaviours as a curriculum of conditioning.
When I speak of curriculum it is in the context of Marxism, Feminism, decoloniality, and Queer theory and therefore implicates the relations of a family, the aesthetics of films, the use of language, and the bidirectional interactions and reactions of the people and worlds around us that they teach us the bounds of our behaviour.
These works are dramatised autofiction extracted from archives of journal entries, family photos, and our storytelling to each other. I am harvesting my own history and projecting back onto it politic, resentment, and nostalgia. I want to confuse comfort and discomfort, intimacy, manipulation, policing, and control but also to implicate the socialised learning we endure as citizens of our families, communities, and cultures. Boundaries between first-hand experience and how we remember, recreate, and capture it tie ourselves and the making of ourselves within the folds of the work.

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