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Elizabeth Luffman

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"The female voice is the material that I have to work with, it is a thing that I produce internally. I extract the voice and bring it outside of my body using technology. My voice then exists externally from me and resides in a hard drive. This then allows me to work with it as a physical object. I subtly manipulate it, amplify it by placing it on speakers and then configure it in a space. My practice is oriented around ‘the everyday’ or perhaps to use Perec’s neologism ‘the infra-ordinary’ (the mundane lived in experience that escapes our attention). Using the voice, I embrace the banal, the fleeting and the overlooked in my work and reveal it to an audience, building upon artists who have categorised ‘the everyday’ as an aesthetic category in its own right. I regard the act of listening as a performative act, as sound theorist Torben Sangild points toward. I attempt to conflate the listeners notion of place and time: the ‘there’ and the ‘here’/ the ‘then’ and the ‘now’. I have done this by scripting pieces for sound installations which contain both similarities and discrepancies between what the listener is seeing and what is being re-laid to them. Although, this is not to disembody the listener, but rather, the opposite, to reembody, to make one hyper aware of oneself and what is around them. Using the voice as a kind of staging for the quotidian."

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