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Interdisciplinary Artist

London, Oxford, Essex

Elleanna Chapman

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I like to make collages. Collages in the form of collages, in the form of prints, in the form of enlarged images, in the form of canvas-based paintings and in the form of collected objects. The images and objects I choose to work with are kitsch, cute, ugly and strange. They are often found or happened upon rather than specifically chosen and there are a lot of cats. There is no preciousness and this lack of preciousness is crucial as it leaves me with more time to develop a political agenda. The cats are cute, but what do they need to say to agitate their viewers?
Elleanna Chapman is an interdisciplinary artist currently studying her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, having completed her Fine Art foundation at Central Saint Martins in 2021. Her practice is an inquiry into revolution and the radical, combining tacky aesthetic influences with a serious political agenda.

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