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Emily Pope

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My work primarily takes the form of moving image. I also work in sound, performance, writing and printmaking (prints, linocut, banners, t-shirts), and I host and direct a comedy night called You Can’t Blame a Girl For Trying. Between 2015 and 2019 artist Ruth Angel Edwards and I collaborated on a radio project Got 2 B Radio which covered ‘current events’ in relation to sub- and pop- culture, which was broadcast on Resonance fm and Comet Radio.

My most recent project was a film series called The Sitcom Show. I made this between 2016 and 2019 – it comprises 6 episodes. I shot this on an iPhone and a webcam on site where I live. Research interests, concerns and ideas specific to this project were; the commodification and production of the character of the female ‘offbeat’ comic within contemporary media and my subversion of this state of play, alternative documentation of austerity Britain, characterised precarity on-screen, labour politics and class structures within the arts industry, complicity in a parody of self, a history of obscure cancelled sitcoms between 1960 – now, and satirical and gallows humour within queer cabaret.

Wider or more recent concerns explored within my work are an exploration of the history of experimental television (Public access TV, Dyke TV, Take-Over TV), projection of lesbian fantasy narratives onto my formative consumption of mainstream film with particular reference to the southern American friendship genre (1970’s onwards – really solidifies in the 90’s), experimental monologues, viral statements and one-liners, post-punk writing, poetry, cross overs between fine art performance and stand-up comedy, history of lino cut/wood cut in relation to documentation of protest and class consciousness…and very broadly; intersectionally feminist video art.

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