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Ewelina Gil

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I am a recent graduate, an interdisciplinary artist, embroiderer, and designer.

I primarily work with embroidery but also with digital and analogue photography, sketching, textiles, paper, and mixed media collage, as well as painting, particularly watercolour.

My main sources of inspiration are my Polish and Welsh heritage, everyday moments, the natural world, and various political and social issues. I endeavour to engage the viewer and encourage them to consider the subjects presented in a deeper or new way.

As an artist and designer, my focus is strongly on sustainability. I create the majority of my pieces using upcycled and recycled materials, which are patchworked and collaged together to form something new and embroidered upon, creating a final piece with both a history and a future. In today's world, where global warming is impacting everyone, I strongly believe that everyone must make efforts to enhance sustainability and have a positive impact on the environment therefore, and that is the base that i am building my practice on.

My primary medium is embroidery. Embroidery allows me to create unique pieces of art and is an effective way of upcycling fabric and clothing by adding a significant amount of surface change and interest, transforming them into new garments or pieces of art. I see the garments I design and make as wearable art, which, when worn, is presented and shown off to many people. I aim to create pieces that make the wearer feel confident, protected, and supported.

I was initially drawn to embroidery due to its physical properties and the way it completely transforms the base material it is applied to, resulting in intense surface changes. I love how it allows me to present different textures and depths. Over time, I realized that embroidery has a deep history linked to femininity, "women's work," feminism, and the discussion of "art" versus "craft." This led me to create projects about women's issues, particularly the Polish abortion ban and women's vintage folk dress in Poland.

I believe that using embroidery has enabled me to create pieces that are intriguing to the general public and to those who view them. The uniqueness of the medium and its tactility invite people to touch the pieces, hoping that it encourages them to interact more closely and intimately with the subject matter, concept, and ideas behind my work.

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