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Multidisciplinary artist



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I am a neurodiverse individual with CPTSD. My art is inspired by the natural world, with my work serving as a reflection of my emotion, expressed through a variety of formats including poetry, sculpture, woodwork, ceramics and embroidery. Drawing inspiration from my work as a gardener, I strive to encourage accessible connections to nature. Through my art, I aim to exhibit the possibility of an anti-capitalist connection to art and creativity through natural resources. My creative process is characterised by illimitable exploration, allowing me to holistically heal myself through physical relationships with natural and ancient materials, constantly reaffirming my place on this earth, my connection to those who walked before us and a natural, pre-industrial way of creating art.
Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to demonstrate the possibility of creation without the reliance on capitalist commodities, inviting viewers to explore their own potential for creativity in relation to free resources provided by the natural world.

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