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Georgia Spencer

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Georgia discusses absence in her work as a means to understand grief, this is often recorded in forms of evidence of place and presence. This is reflected through different mediums including film works and photos to document occupied spaces, such as indentations on a settee, or through impressions left on carpet from the chair legs. Georgia also closely examines these spaces through the use of scanned images to collect a collage of details such as cracks, paint chips and stains to create this archive of evidence of her lived experience in the home.

Georgia continues to explore the relationship she had with her childhood home and seeks to understand the change in that relationship since the passing of her father. Through her work Georgia considers how the strain of caring for a parent can change the feeling of the home for the child, and tries to realise this uncanny nature of change in her work.

The materials, colours, and tactility of Georgia’s work, and the need to examine space is heavily influenced by the artists working class upbringing, referencing ideas of taste and aesthetic within 90’s working class décor. This need to closely examine space prevails through Georgia’s work, through the wanting to understand, the artists focus on space is often done in sections of disconnect, dissecting and decontextualizing segments of the home.

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