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Holly Milner

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Holly’s work is composed of linked concepts and thought processes that take on a diagrammatic form. Attempting to disaffiliate the individual from their labels in this materialist-capitalist world, she explores whether consciousness and self-belief alone is powerful enough to transcend our assigned societal positions. Associated ideas that ruminate on society and the psyche demonstrate a continual exploration of the 'self' through both sociological and spiritual perspectives.

She explores introspective themes of identity and determines a political viewpoint that stems from the familiarity of her working-class background and elements of its characteristically banal tradition. Threaded with visual metaphors of popular culture and the urban landscape, Holly alludes to family and childhood to paint an emotional narrative that represents her authentic experience, blanketed by a matter-of-fact aesthetic and some sardonic colloquial wordplay.

With an autodidactic interest in film and video, the artist draws from concepts of documentary and British social realism in attempt to create an abstracted analysis of class-focused culture, extending to wider social philosophy, contemporary moral code and proverbial doctrine. This includes, though not limited to, an interest in aspects of religion, human behaviour, choice, habit, stereotypes and vices.

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