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Photographer and Craftsman

Petrópolis - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

J Saidler

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Portrait photographer, started in 2010 working in institutional photography.

Since 2018, is dedicated to the research of analog photography, in the construction of his large format equipment through his own projects, photographic emulsions and tests with developer recipes for direct positives. A project focused on the reuse of materials, alternative formulas of low toxicity and environmentally friendly, in addition to the democratization of photography, by considerably reducing the costs of processes for the production of large format images, historically, one of the most expensive in photography.

In the last year, he was awarded in calls for proposals in the State of Rio de Janeiro and in the Municipality of Petrópolis with a grade higher than 97, offering workshops and producing content related to his research in chemical photography and its realization both in the studio, locations, squares, and public parks.

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