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James Rice

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As a young working-class creative, I navigate the challenges exacerbated by the current cost of living crisis. My mission is to amplify the voices and stories of those often marginalised and overlooked by politicians and the media. I seek to give a face and a voice to the voiceless, bringing them into the spotlight. Whether through photography, interviews, or curating spaces rich in sentimentality, my passion lies in the tangible, in the physical print that immortalises these narratives. I aim to archive and display their personalities, affirming their significance in a world where support and acknowledgment are often lacking. My audience extends to aspiring artists and designers from similar backgrounds, showing them that success is attainable regardless of class or income. Additionally, I aspire for my work to reach policymakers and industry leaders, shedding light on communities they may be unaware of or choose to ignore. Through my art, I aim to create enough noise that change becomes inevitable.

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