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Jarvis Woodman

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I’m a painter based in Bristol. UK. I recently graduated from Kingston School of Art Illustration Animation. My paintings are always routed from my drawings. It’s often direct from life or experiences through my memory and imagination. However, I’m always allowing for the painting to develop into it’s own thing.

I believe painting has many similarities with playing music. It’s deeply routed within the exploration of feeling and sensation. I’m completely fascinated by the idea of something much stronger looming over, like a fire that can only be felt and not explained. Over time I’ve realised painting is deeply therapeutic and is essential in managing the effects of the environment I was raised in and it’s continued impact on my mental well-being. I strongly believe in the necessity of the arts to provide a form of escape. There’s a massive benefit from being able to take yourself into a higher mediative place of connection, critical thinking and self reflection. Particularly when placing it back into managing the issues of everyday life. I hope my paintings will provide this form of release and escape.

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