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Runner, short form content producer, researcher, actor

West Midlands, East Midlands, Bristol, London

Jemima Osborne

Job Title: 






I want to one day have my own production company where I am able to give working class creatives the chance to shine, I want to open doors for them in ways I have not had. I would also like to create TV that tells real relatable stories. As I am also an actor it would create work for myself and I would always make sure I fill roles with other working class actors, ones who perhaps couldn’t afford drama school but persisted nonetheless.

Despite being new to the industry I have gained some experience of arranging shoots
contributor release forms and managing a crew for a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers.

I love comedy, so much so I create my own comedy content on TikTok - @jemimajosborne if you fancy a giggle.

It’s a great way to make people forget their worries and honestly who doesn’t love making people happy? And as for Drama - I love it!! If a show, a character or someone’s storyline is relatable to you it starts a chain reaction which helps you to see you aren’t alone.

I love being involved and helping out. If I can be of use in anyway my hand goes up ready to volunteer that help!

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