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Jennifer Jones

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My practice focuses on ideas of the home and its entanglement with identity politics. Strained relationships in my family resulted in distance and secrecy. This created an unclear picture of my heritage and a fragmented memory of my past. I collage imagery together from a range of my family’s photo albums. By doing so, I create imagined scenarios and characters, blurring fact and fiction, depicting memories which are simultaneously real and invented. As a result, I reflect on the effects of trauma on memory and its ability to rose-tint the past. I then recreate these collages in textiles form through techniques such as hand embroidery, rug punching and applique. These objects are then able to function in domestic space as rugs, blankets, wall hangings etc. This coincides with my exploration of the home as a setting for family dysfunction. By placing my textiles works into an art context, I force them from private to public space for examination.

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