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Visual Artist, Sculptor, Installation Artist


Jenny Mc Namara

Job Title: 





My work focuses on visual perception and how we see and understand imagery. The work I make investigates patterns I find and my relationship with space and colour. I use many different materials in my sculptural work (wood, light, fabric, plastic, mirror, paint, glass) to suit the project I’m working on. In general, I like making work that is brightly coloured, graphically pleasing and minimal because it is accessible to everyone. You don’t need to understand a complicated concept, everyone who sees it can have an immediate emotional response and that is the big appeal for me. I want to democratise visual art.

Our relationship to pattern and preferences for colour are things that excite me. Something I think about a lot is: ‘Can visual art be good for your brain?’ I found out that art has benefits that go far beyond pure enjoyment or cultural creation. Visual art has been proven to strengthen your brain, positively impact on perceptual and emotive processes and improve your mental health. I’m still learning, but I enjoy reading about the overlap between visual art, neuroscience and psychology. Better understanding the way that people experience and interact with visual art informs the creation of my work and I like thinking that the work I make could help to boost someone else’s mood. This is the thing that motivates me the most in my studio practice

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