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Abstract painter and installation artist


Jess Pinches

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Merging home and the studio has been a part of my practice since first year, physically if not mentally because of my long hours of habitation of it, making it my home with my empty coffee cups and other clutter. Physically, due to covid it has become a reality for me. Working from home the "home studio". Except the studio is and has always been my home, it is familiar, comforting, safe like a home.

My art is about capturing the hypnotic state of creation. My art is for the process, inspired by the process. For me, being in the moment of singing produces a similar, trance-like state of super-presentness, of simply being and feeling, hence why music is an inspiration in my work.

The studio is an ecosystem. It’s the place where the work grows and where my processes happen. The studio is the habitat of the art and it is also the habitat of me, the artist. It almost shows more traces of the process as the work, like a home does with traces of its inhabitant. The work and the worker carve it out, they all make each other.

People define categories in life: work, home, out, office. However, not everything fits into neat categories. The everyday reality is messy, chaotic and cannot be confined. Additionally, these categories are all very interconnected - they allow each other to happen and flow together. Spaces, too, are allocated uses; however in my work I allow these categories to intermingle. I reappropriate the domestic space into my studio, merging the two. I agree with Murillo’s statement that “Art and life – there is no separation between the two,” and like Roth, I would add music into this mix.

We are surrounded by abstract concepts and the inexpressible. I will continue to explore these ubiquitous vagaries, guided by emotions and sound. I seek to touch the viewer through the everyday materials I use and their common memories, transformed into my own form of uncommercialised abstract expressionism.

My works are an accumulation, a transformation of meanings. There is no precise meaning, no hidden academia. Meaning is subjective and the viewer may take whatever meaning they find. My aim is not to represent specifics, but to re-present, transform these emotions, sounds, materials, stuff into another kind of something.

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