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Jinia Tasnin

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My name is Jinia, I’m a London-based artist/creative technologist and founder of ‘Fugazi Fusion’ a cross-disciplinary practice exploring the proximity of food as a metaphor in the form of interactive dinners, and edible installations.

I'm Bangladeshi-Italian from Rome so naturally my flavour palette is fusion of the two and neighbouring regions. Harnessing a creative community means a lot to me, as being an immigrant in UK + Muslim womxn + working class in the creative industry can be isolating at times.

I make audio/visual pieces that often drive the concepts for my installations dinners. Currently, I am exploring the themes of ceremony rituals, omnipresence, and surveillance.

I spent my whole life obsessing over food as a vessel for reaching inaccessibility, exploring curiosities, and self-soothing. Through food, I’ve made internal peace with myself when dwelling in the classic diaspora dilemma of multiplicity in one's identity.

Workshops → I’m planning to start hosting food & healing & playfulness workshops in the new year to further explore these concepts.

Private hires and catering → If your brand, collective etc.. are ever hosting an event feel free to get in touch with me to curate a menu or canapé/sharing platters.


You can see my work on here:
Fugazi Fusion insta:
Jinibeams insta:

Jinia <333

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