Visual Artist, Curator


Jon Edgley

Job Title: 






"My practice incorporates performance, curation, drawing and sculpture to explore my class and position as a minimum wage worker. This includes all other acts required in my daily life such as an artist, curator, son, brother, cashier, shelf-stacker and customer. I use performance as a tool to think, critique and create within my practice. Not all of my practice IS performance art however I present my practice as series of acts that may be understood AS performance. A job as a Customer Assistant is not a performance but it can be analysed and presented as one. It all depends on how an act is framed. I have created numerous objects and performances based on the roles I have embodied. I have been a Tour Guide for a day at The Walker Art Gallery, cardboard Brick Maker, Invigilator for John Moores Degree Show 2018, Curator for Gwendolyn Gallery and Customer Assistant at B&Q and Tesco (2015-2019)"