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Josephine Wood

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My practice spans painting, video, performance and writing. I am drawn towards the grimmer tragi-comdey aspects of life and the pathos modern living against the backdrop of a crumbling Britain. Cheap food, pound shops, shitty interiors, crap TV, fragmented egos and bodies, broken dreams and perverse desires, make their way into my work in one form or another, I approach these ideas with humour.

My work comes from my subjective experience of working class identity and my personal history, which coincides with my interest in counterculture, transgressive literature, music and politics.

Recent figurative paintings lean towards a reappraisal of the female nude in art history by locating new perspectives on sexuality, gender and the body.

Recent exhibitions include If I was a Rich girl, Kunstraum Riehen, Basel, 2019, curated by Clare Kenny, including artists: Louise Bourgeois, Helen Chadwick, Valie Export & Wolfgang Tilmans, Sick Monday (touring artists film programme) 2018-19, curated by Dean Kenning, Liam and Vanessa Scully, including Beagles & Ramsay, David Burrows, Paul McCarthy, Laure Provoust, Ben Rivers & John Russell screening locations include Genesis Cinema, London & Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow, Women Can't Paint, Turps Gallery, London, 2018, curated by Marcus Harvey. Shortlisted for The East London Painting Prize 2015 and nominated for The Arts Foundation Futures Award 2019 by Marcus Harvey, recipient of Art Council England funding 2020.

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