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Multidisciplinary Designer, Performance Artist, Visual Artist, Creative Director, Movement Director


Julia Mazur

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Julia Mazur is a multidisciplinary designer, graduate (2022) from UAL: London College of Fashion, based in London.
Specializing in black, conceptual creations/sculptural clothing, characterized as 'Performative Sculptures,' Julia’s designs intricately weave politically engaged and historically influenced narratives with performance and movement aspects.
Having diverse experience in Fashion, Theatre, Film, and Performance, Julia’s unique interest revolves around materializing selected social narratives, and historical facts impacted by the overarching theme of 'sacrifice'—whether physical activism or metaphorical/sacral. This manifests in the creation of multi-membered human hybrids and anthropomorphic symbiosis between multiple bodies or bodies and objects.
Julia's process centers on experimental movement rehearsals, emphasizing an
exploratory, dehumanised approach. This unique approach extends to Julia’s strategic use of designed carriers and harnesses, securely connecting the bodies of wearers, giving life to the personification of her ideas.

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