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Multidisciplinary visual artist

London, United Kingdom


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I’m Khushboo (b. 1994 Karachi, Pakistan), an artist, art educator, researcher, and DIY & craft enthusiast.
My art practice interlaces the domains of painting, sculpture and installation. I use non-traditional cartographic and map-making techniques and create archaeological objects to comment on the agency, accessibility, and conflict in geopolitical and territorial divisions of the land by creating fictional parallel archives and narratives using archival objects and documents.
My research interests lie in studying the biases in the archives and challenging our dependence on archives as history keepers whilst attempting to find parallel ways of archiving. I’m also keenly interested in researching the role of language and narrative building in displays.
I’m currently completing a Master in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2022-2024). I graduated in Visual Arts specializing in Painting from MSU Baroda in India.

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