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Fashion writer, researcher


Kiera McMillan

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Kiera McMillan is a researcher, writer and editor based in London. She is currently completing an MA Central Saint Martins in Fashion Communication: Critical Studies.

Kiera’s writing has thus far focused on fashion’s impact on people and the planet. Her undergraduate thesis explores fashion as a means of constructing gender and sexual identity, both inside and outside the parameters of social acceptability, entitled Fashioning the Marginalised Body: Literary and Theatrical Representations of the Nudity/Clothing Dialectic. She is also featured in the Edinburgh Student Literary Journal S/S 21 issue with a piece entitled ‘Distorted Femininity: Challenging Gender Essentialism’. Kiera’s most recent writing forms part of a collaborative project, Maison/0, with LVMH & CSM to create a publication for designers to understand the importance of regenerative textiles and practices. Kiera has also hosted panel discussions with voices in sustainable fashion such as Orsola de Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution. Outside of her academic endeavours, Kiera is an assistant editor at Fashion Unfiltered, an online publication which provides a global perspective on current debates in fashion, her most recent article available here is titled ‘Look Forward in Anger’ and explores the issue of the fashion industry’s simultaneous appropriation and exclusion of working-class lives.

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