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Kimberley Beach

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Kimberley Beach (born in 1990, Middlesbrough, UK) completed an MA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art (2018), after previously completing studies at the University of Westminster (2015) and the Northern School of Art (2012). She is a recipient of the Dolbey Travel award, the Felix Slade Scholarship, shortlisted for the Sarabande Foundation scholarship, New Contemporaries 2019 and was selected as one of six London graduates to exhibit at the Anise Gallery Summer Show in 2018 and Middlesbrough Art Weekender in 2019. Kimberley’s current practice is informed by sociological areas of interest such as situational subjectivities, the political landscape of Britain and the contemporary discourse on personal identities within a wider fragmented society. Since 2016 she has been focusing on social class, both within society and the more exclusive arts environment. She has used her own personal experiences with class in addition to outside factors such as Brexit, The Great British Class Survey as well as the Panic! Report on the lack of working-class people within the creative industries as topics to explore within her work, with the intention of questioning wider social constructs of power.

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