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L҉ a҉ r҉ i҉ s҉ s҉ a҉ S҉ h҉ a҉ w҉

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Interested in ungoverned libraries of knowledge and knowledge [re]production, the work I make aims to playfully document the commons between people and communities as places of sanctuaries, where trust and cooperation is prioritised over competition. I orientate my practice in its own self-governed and self-described ‘non-artist’ prescription, working mostly collaboratively to dilute the solitary and hypervisible nature of being an artist.

Using machines and process to illustrate research, I navigate personal, trans-generational and socio-historical narratives across whatever materials interest me at that time, tending into learning something new. My work has been presented as installations, webs of [re]imagined engagements surrounding language and knowledge [re]production – which is occasionally [un]written, [un]performed, made [in]visible across relationships and learning, text and textiles, writing and community.

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