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Lesley Greening Lassoff

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I am occupied with the material process and language of painting in the strangeland between abstraction and representation. Working from photographs, drawings, books and memory, my paintings are pared back subjective interpretations of personal concerns and visual recordings of excursions into the landscape of rural England. I often include ambiguous structures within the landscape which could be shelters or homes, and paths that lead into the distance with no particular endpoint or destination. The handling of paint is sensitive and contemplative, a slow process of applying layers, rubbed and scraped back, revealing glimpses of neon underpainting. I prefer to use found surfaces such as second hand paintings, paper and card from packaging, and old book covers, which all contain traces of human touch and have embedded history. Influenced by artists such as Richard Diebenkorn, Ilse D'Hollander and Giorgio Morandi I try to make spare but complex images which invite close inspection and evoke ideas of place and memory, enigmatic but seldom nostalgic.

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