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Visual Arts, Socially Engaged Art, Performance Art, Video Artist & Participatory Art.


Lisa Watts

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From my twenties to forties, I continuously made performances and large-scale installations, for both galleries, and art centres, such as Serpentine Gallery - London, Bluecoat gallery – Liverpool. I have always had a lot of energy and in 2017 I performed for 3 – 5 weeks, for five-hours daily, in my exhibition, Not a Decorator… (NAD). NAD was shown at three galleries including John Hansard Gallery – Southampton at which David Ward reviewed it as ‘extraordinary’. NAD successfully related to almost everyone; people aged from 2yrs to 80yrs were mesmerised by it. Between 2019 and 2022, I became a double signature artist with my Dad as Watts & Dad, My Crazy Family Golf (2021) which shown at John Hansard Gallery – Southampton, Salts Mill - Saltaire and Fabrica Gallery - Brighton. Each visitor was given a home-made golf club, golf ball and score card and mini pencil with which to play a five hole crazy golf course made by us during the pandemic. The balls triggered recordings of my mum and Dad bantering as Dad cared for his disabled wife. In December 2022 I became paralysed with Guillain- Barre Syndrome from the pandemic. So, I have become very weak as my nerves grow back. When I installed the golf exhibition in 2022 at Saltaire and Fabrica they were brilliant at supporting me as I had become disabled. Twenty months on, I am much better.

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