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Lou Campbell Ryan

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Lou Campbell Ryan (they/them) is 52 and based in Liverpool, UK. Also, the proud parent of two grown up children. Originally born on the Wirral, they have since lived in various places such as London, Manchester, and Ireland. Although they are currently housebound due to various health conditions, Lou finds light and joy in life and uses this to create artwork that hopefully speaks to others.

Lou’s childhood was spent within a fundamentalist religious cult. The trauma experienced has impacted their outlook on life profoundly. Lou is very aware of the brevity of life and the necessity of grabbing life firmly to get as much out of living as possible. One of Lou’s favourite sayings is “Ars longa; vita brevis”. Originally penned in Greek by Hippocrates, it roughly translates to “life is short yet it takes a long time to perfect one’s craft”.

Lou has had an unusual path for her art. Many times over the years their health and/or family situation has limited their ability to explore their craft. Now finally established back in Liverpool and with time to pursue art, Lou has once again picked up the paint and canvas in order to create. Life is now allowing Lou to pursue their passion and Lou is grateful for this opportunity to create and share their vision with others.

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