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Sculpture moved media painter



Louise Rice Roberts

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Coming from a small area in North Wales, I have constantly aspired to live in a larger, more vibrant environment. Nottingham,being a multicultural, vibrant city gave me an opportunity to study amongst like minded individuals with the same drive and ambition.
After studying at Nottingham Trent University, I believe it has given me a lot more understanding about who I am and what my art entails, it has pushed me to develop and explore my ideas but there is so much more learning I want to do, University gave me the extra push and skill sets to reach my potential and ultimately become an artist in my own right.
I have developed my skill set within photography within the multimedia aspects of my own personal art practice. I am capable of accommodating my practice, with aspects of intense videography as I work heavily within a different medium; using old cameras I find in charity shops then scanning it and re-creating it on photoshop and premiere pro.
I became interested in sculpture as I felt more in tune with the process and began by making stand alone pieces and then progressed to mixing sculpture and film, my two strongest and preferred media. This allowed me to develop new elements to my work and become lost in the process and creativity; to create worlds and explore difficult topics in an unusual and eerie way. This has helped me understand my work and my creative process of making first with how I feel and think based on my intuition.
I have valued exploring materials for sculpture, often in an unconventional way throughout the whole process. My photography and moving images work in tandem with the sculpture and would be nothing without it, documenting my process within the final piece.
Whilst I have always been interested in painting and this was my focus early in my university career, I have recently become more aware of sculpture and it has developed my understanding of the art that I produce, and I believe following the sculpture path will help me expand my knowledge and continue the development of my practice.
I have been a painter since I was a child. I used it solidly as a form of escapism from my natural surroundings; since a young age I interrogated my abstractions of life through the form of paint. Creating a safe place for my own sanity to reside, as my family didn't have much money, I used my surrounding objects to create forms out of sculpture, using whatever I'd find in the cupboard to express emotions onto paper. Creating mostly self portraiture within my GCSE studies and placing myself within these harsh realities, and really understanding and forming my own self identity within art. Progressing onto my foundation studies I wanted to explore my disapprovement of the social class. Expanding on this I've been selected this year to do an exhibition with the ‘Working Class Creatives’, to discuss the angst of social class through my own creative form.
My avoidance of making my work clear to viewers also resides in a vulnerability of being able to give a certain justice to my thoughts, would I be able to create the perfect visuals? Also, the anxiety of telling and portraying my story and those of the people I care for, in a clear and understandable way, discredits the purpose within my current practise. ‘Who can deny? In dreams it touches. The body, in thought constructs a miracle, in imagination anguishes till born in human’ Allen Ginsberg. This visionary poet created sadness and broke the boundaries with his fearless depiction of reality. This helped me create certain visions of his literature that I could implement through paint. Through

exploring relevant poetry and extractions of literature it helped me articulate my identity and context within my practice while talking to artists within an art school setting, has validated my ideas and pushed me to express them further.
I have pushed myself to work beyond the university boundaries through forming an art collective, ‘Rats Nest’ with a fellow student. We were successfully chosen from a large number of applicants to exhibit our installation in ‘Surface’ a renowned independent gallery in Nottingham.
I want to be a part of a creative team where I am able to use my skills to their full potential and contextualise and learn from the creative input that others are able to show me

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