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Argentina (but I'll be in England in March/April)

Luciana Demichelis

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(Ensenada, 1992) / Non binary photographer, born and raised in Argentina.

They investigates Latin American imaginary, youth dreams from the periferies, dissident identities and nightlife.

They used representation and fiction to tell stories, understood as a tool for artistic construction that allows us to think critically about the role played by the media in the construction of reality.

Studied Journalism at the National University of La Plata. Between 2013 and 2019, she created the photographic archive of the School of Art and Crafts of the Argentine Theater of La Plata. In 2020 she was chosen to study at the Limbographies course of the Valparaíso International Photography Festival with Cristina de Middel, Image Threads Collective together with Juan Orrantia and selected as one of the two scholarships for the annual Black Kamera Photojournalism course, Bilbao (ES)

Since 2020 is the creator of Freezer, a Latin American photography platform. There she coordinates Ficción y simulacro workshop, where shares authors who use fiction as a creation and production engine.

In 2022, Luciana was commissioned by ObscuraDAO to photograph The World Today, a global photo commission of 138 photographers to create a photographic timestamp of the world today.

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