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Mandeep Dillon

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Mandeep Dillon works across disciplines to explore notions of entropy and impermanence. Her ephemeral sculptures are an ongoing investigation into the transient physicality of human and non-human entities. Conflicted about occupying space and adding to a crowded world, temporality is an integral aspect of her work. Photographs are often the only lasting evidence of an object having existed. Works made primarily of inflatables are inherently fragile. Their physical stability depends on a delicate balance between the inner and outer pressure of their gossamer skins. Reacting to subtle environmental changes, their swollen buoyancy hints at a sense of imminent collapse. Orbs that dangle or wobble precariously may appear as parodies of entrails or as comedic characters. When situated in a landscape, they present as alien fruits or topiary. Experiencing something both abstract and visceral, the onlooker’s presence may trigger a kinetic reaction and an awareness of their embodied relationship with the sculpture. The incorporation of discarded medical and laboratory instruments suggests the fragile symbiosis between human-made and organic forms. At their end of their cycle the objects are deflated, re-used or re-fashioned for new purposes.

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