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Artist, Architect, Leatherworker

Lewisham, London.

Martha Summers

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Martha Summers is an Architect, Artist, and Leatherworker living and working in London.

Her artistic and architectural practice explore themes of queer domesticity, self-fashioning, and butch identity through a number of disciplines. Her working practices in both fields are DIY and often involve mending/ reparative methods/thinking.

She designed the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre in 2021, and the exhibition "Out and About!- a selection of 40 moments from the Bishopsgate Institute", installed at the Curve gallery in the Barbican Centre, London in 2022. In 2023 she designed the exhibition INTRA-depend on me bby for Camp Trans. She was also involved in the collective design project of the Feminist Library in London in its new Peckham home.

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