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Meaghan Stewart

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At the centre of my practice lies my mother. She exists in the text I write, the videos I make, rarely accepting to being photographed, only existing in the peripheral. Examining the complexity of a mother-daughter relationship, like Louise Bourgeois’s recurring use of spiders and Chantal Akerman’s correspondence to her mother, I do what many artists before me have done. What intrigues me about our dynamic? By digging deeper into the personal, I overshare, test boundaries, continuously inviting the viewer to perceive our relationship.

Inspired by The Everyday and The Domestic, through a research-based practice I explore the intersection between memory and experience, exploring the threshold between real and virtual; world-building becomes an extension of home-making. Facilitated by landscape, I harness the tools that are video games and other digital realms. The use of collage establishes potential for new narratives, navigating the overwhelming overlap and layering we experience in our everyday lives.

It is my desire that I can offer a tenderness in the act of sharing spaces, especially those digitally, offering a new perspective and finding parallels within the landscapes. The editing process gives me a freedom to experiment; collaging, cutting and splicing, using layering to negotiate memory and space. Moving through liminal spaces, I use texture and sound to elevate and push against the image. Editing is an extension of my search for control whilst bringing together the various realms.

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