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Megan Devenny

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A whole load of art wank.
Anti art, art for all. Cheap art, ugly art , garish art, decorative art, universal art, exclusive art,
Feminist, Queer, Beyond Binary , Anarchistic, Socialist, Working-Class but with Bougie Femme tastes. Buzzwords.
Pink, Neon, Garish, Dark. Minamalistic Opulence. So its cheap then? You went to Art School then?
Selling out, Farting around and hoping for the best possible outcome.
Collectively loving thy self(ie) as a radical act of care.
Hating on the establishment but wanting a foot in the door. Kickstart the career, won't work for nothing.
Angry yet soft spoken. Keyboard Warrior. Don't label me, Don't box me in.
Without Boundaries , searching for community striving for connection. Diagnosis Unsure. 

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