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Production Designer, Painter, Multidisciplinary Artist, Filmmaker


Megan McClean

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I am a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist from Derry, Ireland. Since graduating the Northern Film School in 2018 with a BA filmmaking degree specialising in production design, I have worked on several independent productions, whilst continually developing my craft as a painter and an artist.

Drawing on imagery from Irish mythology, my paintings are highly detailed dreamscapes that seek to bridge the gap between sleeping and waking. Influenced by recurring dreams I have been having for the past decade and a half, my work seeks to highlight how moments of unrest within typically restful spaces can act as a reflection of our day-to-day lives.

Inhabiting many characters within these dreamscapes, I paint or place myself into the work, encouraging the viewer to look more closely and appreciate the small moments within the abstractions.

Overlapping my paintings and video/ film work I find myself captivated by the unknown. Delving into the strange, dark and sometimes challenging spaces within ourselves that can bring out unforeseen inspiration.

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