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Morgan Ellen Acton

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Morgan Ellen Acton

Is a fine artist whose work presents itself through many a medium.

For her, making artwork is somewhat of an experience, an extension of and a reflection on one’s human condition. Morgan’s work is the product of the relationship she encounters with materials. What becomes of this, can be found in every line, scratch, dent, stroke, print, mark and noise of any painting, sculpture, film, drawing and print of hers.

No matter the medium, Morgan’s main focus is on the process of the work, rather than the product. The balance of control between her and the medium in hand is what most compels her to practice art. The decision making of ‘what happens where’ is something she feels should only be executed in the act of making. Her works’ narratives are drawn from places of identity and self. This translates into her four main objectives: line, form, shape and space.

Within her paintings you find there is a sense of urgency ; an immediate response or action. The paintings intend to inform and converse with their audience. They blurt observations and thoughts whilst whispering emotions and secrets, yet you will find no evidence of a figurative nature in these paintings, rather marks of abstraction. The paintings instead say explicitly what they are about, quite literally, words are engraved into them, commentating miles of thought.

Morgan doesn’t feel the need to specify a main medium; for her, placing oneself in a pigeon hole only feels like a restriction, rather than an achievement. To her having a multi dimensional art practice feels more expansive and progressive and, therefore is more enjoyable.

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