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Kinetic Sculptor, Toy-maker, Drawing, Architecture,

London, UK

Nandhit Reddy Vasanth

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Nandhit is a multidisciplinary artist and designer with a background in architecture. Having worked in the creative industry for multiple years, his art and design practices are in a state of constant flux and cross-pollination. He is an awardee of the INTERPLAY design competition hosted by the Design Education Trust, Royal Society of Sculptors, and Kinetica Museum and serving as Artist Ambassador to The Old Operating Theatre Museum.

Drawing from his childhood in Bangalore city of drawing and making toys, he is currently exploring experiential design and existentialism through design for play, kinetic installation, and mark-making.
His process embraces the mystery of existence: Why do things exist? What is all of this? Existentialism acts as a catalyst for his exploration, of ancient cultures and their symbology, drawing connections between human and non-human consciousness, and dismantling the paradox of self.

My practice aims to address the challenge of high-functioning anxiety by incorporating mythological, spiritual, and scientific concepts from across cultures and setting them in figurative atemporal spaces. I wish to confront disparities and the othering of people and nature by challenging perceptions, making the abstracts tangible, and highlighting interrelativity.

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