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Nichola Rodger

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My main passion is art in one form or another and bringing this to a wider, more diverse audience, I feel art can be a way to heal, a way to bring people together as well to protest and create questions.
I returned to the Arts Education in 2014 after raising a family. Since then, I’ve created a small touring exhibition which went to Blue Coat Liverpool, YSP & Cass, exhibited internationally, curated fellow artists in many popup exhibitions and art events.
I’ve ran many different types of art and sculpture classes for diverse audiences. I feel it’s about people enjoying the art, and working in an inclusive way, is my main priority and one reason I set up an online art zine during lockdown with a fellow artist and good friend.
On and off I’ve followed what you have been doing within your practice as an artist and activist as well as through your development of materials which I think is exciting. You’ve been successful in creating an arts community at the studios and in the area, and I want to learn, more about creating a community like that and how I can become part of it.
I know how varied and intense an artists practice can be from super slow one week to crazy and full on another and I would hope with my skills as an assistant I could help to juggle and schedule all of this, so it flows and takes some of the pressure off.
I’m always looking to learn new skills and share my own knowledge with others. I love working with creatives and collaborating on projects, but also just to meet up, have food, walk dogs, and chat about art and happenings within the world with a like-minded community of artists.

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