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Peter William Holden

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It's hard to see a photograph physically fading, erasing itself with the bombardment of light but hold no doubts it is, subtly becoming elusive like all we hold dear. I often find myself contemplating the fragility of the moment. I believe this could explain why the ephemeral nature of kinetic sculpture first allured me. The way beauty can lie within a physical movement and the duality, that very movement begets destruction!

So with its flaws, it seems an appropriate place for my ideas, emotions, and hopes. Somewhere vulnerable in which I can distill them and extract their essences like perfume. In doing so, I've focused on ways to blur the boundaries between cinematography and sculpture. Combining computational devices with mechanical elements, I create mandala-influenced kinetic sculptures, but divergent from a traditional sculptor, I consider these kinetic sculptures solely a medium! Only a necessary first step in a process to achieve what I believe is the true-focal point of my work. The transitory animations, choreographies, and sounds while the sculptures are in motion.

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