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Fine Art Painter, Textiles Artist for Film & TV


Rebecca Jo Lesley

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In her portraiture, Rebecca unveils female subjects, revealed through expressive layers of mixed mediums that contrast with the intricate structures beneath. With a gaze fixed forward and expressions devoid of smiles, her depictions captivate the viewer's imagination, evoking subjective and personal responses. Often presented as a series without a linear narrative, Rebecca intertwines themes of womanhood with allegory, iconography, comparative mythology, and nods to popular culture, resulting in pieces that oscillate between solemnity and playful irony. Her artistic lexicon spans from enigmatic to whimsical, delicately balancing between nostalgic tropes and resonant archetypes. While blending elements of pop culture and iconography with techniques reminiscent of the classical perspective, Rebecca imbues her compositions with a contemporary flair, blurring conventional artistic styles and forging a unique approach.

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