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Multidisciplinary Artist


Rebecca Orr

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"Rebecca Orr is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne studying Fine Art at Northumbria University. Her work places a primary focus upon the exploration into identity, particularly concerning aspects of consciousness, nostalgia, emotion, love, autobiography, and femininity. The aim of her work is to encourage allowing a sense of vulnerability to aid the processing of emotions in a generation where mental health is an increasing issue. Through her work she hopes that sharing how she feels will in turn enable others to do the same, reducing the stigma, and promoting growth and healing. Although she utilises a range of mediums, she places a focus on the use of textiles, photography, and paintings; through textiles and paintings she is able to experiment with the documentation of her own experiences and emotions, and photography enables her to create a collection of parts of a much wider public scene. Furthermore, the use of text is paramount throughout many of her works, allowing for raw and direct communication between the artist and the audience."

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