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Robyn Fyfe

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During my pregnancy I began documenting my journey and the change in my body throughout nine months. I wanted to express the beauty of the female form in a true and natural light and voice the unspoken reality of growing a baby. Women’s bodies are phenomenal and the watching myself grow a life was surreal. Having previously worked with my own body and conveying a concept around the male gaze, I wanted to continue this and suggest a change in time and if the male gaze exists when you are pregnant.
I still remain fascinated with the female body and I can now look back on a timeline of photos of my body growing my little boy.
Since giving birth I have worked mostly digitally. I began creating poems of my experience as a first time mother and the postpartum period. My postpartum poem series is not just about creating art, this is almost a book of memories for me to look back on in years to come and remember my experience as a first time mother and to visualise my little boy growing up over and over again. My postpartum photography portrays a realistic perception of motherhood and the brutality of what the female body undertakes after childbirth.

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