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Rosadina Güere

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Threads, textures, ghosts, memories, and territories form an intricate fabric where various disciplines are closely or distantly woven into my practice.

My production seeks to establish a connection between the past and the present, aspiring to an active and dynamic relationship with my roots. I am interested in initiating the revitalization of my connections and beliefs through action, understanding art as a tool for cultural and social reconstruction and repair.

My artistic practice allows me to embark on a path of "sentipensante" (feeling-thinking). In this learning process, all my senses converge in my practice: from the stroke of my hands to the movement of my body, encompassing sight, mind, and heart. This generates a fabric of senses and knowledge.

I work with traditional tools such as drawing, photography, and matter. However, I focus on integrating these practices with materialities. I am interested in understanding and discovering the poetics that each material possesses in its existence.

My production, then, aims at a connection between the past and the present, everyday things that reflect the essence of my ancestors. I seek to find harmony between my current context and my space, considering that there is no black or white in this quest. Instead I aim to appreciate the uniqueness that both sides convey and how

In this way, my practice emerges as a process that erodes and transforms certain preconceptions that were embedded in my everyday life in the city, in the academic sphere, and in institutions.

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